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More than 10 years ago, a very good friend introduced me to the fun hobby of making my own greeting cards using rubber stamps, specialty papers, ribbons, and fabrics.  Since then I have enjoyed playing with elements of design, color, and texture (some turned out very well, others didn't turn out well at all).  In our "disposable" society it has become very unique and special to give someone a handmade gift.  I love seeing the response of someone who receives one of my cards!

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  1. Take a photograph of your cards before you give them away!   Having a visual record of your work will help you identify what you might want to do again and what you might change the next time you make a similar card.  It is helpful to have photographs when you need a little inspiration or if you need to reproduce a card due to a shortage of design time.
  2. Take credit for your work!  Hallmark is advertising that people should look at the back of cards, so put your name there!  I always put "Hand stamped by Kathy" or "Made with Love by Kathy" on the back of my cards (see a sample).  People want to know!

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