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Samples of Kathy's Handmade Cards

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My apologies for the shadows from the scanner on some items...

handstamped.jpg (6289 bytes)  Is your name on the back of your cards?  Other sayings:  "Made with love by" and "It's not Hallmark --It's better because it was made by"
baby_ribbon_bright1.jpg (51545 bytes) Bright and colorful for a baby shower. 051805_girl_bow.jpg (39088 bytes) A bright and sunny card for any occasion.
pansy_friend_flower1.jpg (33527 bytes) Same materials (stamp and dried pansy), but two different looks. pansy_friend_flower.jpg (51809 bytes) A special greeting for a new friend.
petals.jpg (33333 bytes)  This handmade paper with flower petals in it was too beautiful for any other adornment other than a simple pink/green iridescent ribbon. bonvoyage.jpg (87449 bytes)  This card has a "Bon Voyage" sentiment and a "well traveled" look.  It's rubber stamped and accented with real international postage stamps.  I really love the soft look of this card.
leaf-pink.jpg (30601 bytes)  A sweet and feminine way to say "happy Mother's Day" red-gold.jpg (45682 bytes)  This is recycling at it's best!  I had a used  red Hallmark thank-you card.  To re-purpose the card, I put the black stripe around the back panel of the card, cut out the gold embossed floral from the front of the card, and I added the black and gold check paper and the paper cording.  The paper cording was cut to length and pushed through slits made with a razor knife.  It was transformed into a new card for any occasion.
square_fleur.jpg (82573 bytes) A classic.   Fleur-de-lis stamped on solid paper and cut out, then glued to the square card. square_livewell.jpg (53479 bytes) Square card and envelope from JudiKins.  I love the look!  A birthday card for a male friend.  The blue squares are japanese origami papers...
teacup.jpg (142223 bytes) Vellum over tea-themed wrapping paper makes a great "thinking of you" card. babyboy.jpg (164452 bytes)  A joyous "Welcome New Baby Boy" card.
baby3.jpg (40007 bytes)  A cheerful "Congratulations on your new baby" card, using the adhesive mesh from Stamp Storage & More. getwell.jpg (45947 bytes)  A sweet get well card for a friend.
cruise.jpg (57704 bytes)  A fun card for a friend going on a cruise!  Sponge the background, use photos from the cruise brochure, overlay with vellum and your greeting.  Tie to the card with a lovely ribbon.  Simple &  fun. gardenflower.jpg (53668 bytes) Inside reads:  "So sorry you have to leaf".  A fun card for a friend moving out of the area. 
christian1.jpg (45885 bytes)  A bible verse printed on vellum over a stamped background and "framed" with copper metal tape.  What a great look for a fond farewell card!   christian1_inside.jpg (21030 bytes)  This is the inside of the Christian card (with the copper tape). 
garden.jpg (29254 bytes)  A fond farewell card for a friend.  This card uses a sheer fabric leaf and a dried pansy. leaves.jpg (33963 bytes)  Beautiful paper with sheer fabric leaves joined by a heart charm. 
 purpleheart.jpg (33582 bytes)    The paper cord is weaved through slits in the card. stringcat.jpg (74233 bytes)  Don't be afraid to cut interesting edges on your cards.  It adds interest!
graduation.jpg (51467 bytes)  Perfect for a graduate.  The decorative green leaves are placed under the vellum. nobunny.jpg (120704 bytes)  Just in time for Easter or Mother's Day or just because!
thoughts1.jpg (135997 bytes)   ...Thoughts of Love!  I love this checked craft paper. speciallytea.jpg (90855 bytes)  Pretty paper can set the tone for a card.
specially.jpg (36752 bytes) This card uses a tassle to hold the sheet of gold-tinted vellum tucked inside the card.  babypurple.jpg (24553 bytes)  A glossy black card for a baby greeting??  Yes! 
heart.jpg (32308 bytes)  Checked background was made by stamping through mesh. embossedbday.jpg (22388 bytes)  There are several embossed papers available in a variety of patterns.  The papers are beautiful and make a card look wonderful very quickly and easily.
tealribbon.jpg (23321 bytes)  A collage card using 5 different papers and a sheer ribbon.  Perfect for so many occasions! topiary.jpg (112662 bytes)  A topiary stencil is dry-embossed, then colored, and glued to a glossy black card, with an accent sheer ribbon.  A sweet card for a variety of occasions.
starbday.jpg (37627 bytes)  A bright and colorful way to wish someone a happy birthday. suadegrn.jpg (19779 bytes)  Suede paper is beautiful and elegant!  The image of the rubber stamp is transferred onto the suede paper by applying a hot craft iron (look for a travel iron or one without holes on the flat surface of the iron.)  Suede paper is available from Rubber Romance (714-527-7124).
bears.jpg (245721 bytes) Have a "beary" happy birthday! rhinestonebday.jpg (108065 bytes)  Sometimes rhinestones are the way to celebrate a birthday...Sparkle on your special day! 
baby2.jpg (88003 bytes)   Congratulations on your new baby!  A layer of vellum allows for another image or special message. travel.jpg (122416 bytes) Bon Voyage!   A layer of vellum and a paper ribbon accent this fun card.
purplepansy.jpg (62612 bytes) A collage of papers, ribbons, and a dried pansy --thinking of you! pansybridal.jpg (185129 bytes) Dried pansy flowers and the check-pattern background makes this a memorable bridal shower card.
pot1.jpg (36296 bytes) A fun idea from the June 1999 issue of Stamping Arts & Crafts magazine.  A vertical, 3-D card! tea.jpg (15967 bytes) A real teabag is taped to the inside of the card.  The the tag and string come through a slit in the card to show on the front.  The aroma is terrific!
swing.jpg (21038 bytes) A sweet card for a baby shower b-day.jpg (165054 bytes)  This is a beautiful birthday card that I received (handmade by my friend).  Thank you, Tracy!!
goldgrn.jpg (53997 bytes) Rich green and gold make this a perfect card for any occasion purplebow.jpg (49116 bytes)  Vibrant pink and purple make this a wonderful springtime card
thinking.jpg (353148 bytes) Pansies stand for thoughts... This is beautiful wrapping paper underneath the stamped wording baby.gif (102876 bytes) To celebrate a new baby
pansycard.jpg (24112 bytes)  Perfect for Mother's Day golf.gif (103203 bytes)  Perfect for Father's Day
garden.gif (66153 bytes)  A good "Thinking of you" card love.gif (95013 bytes)  A special wedding card
!bestwishes.jpg (109kb)     Using calligraphy   shadowbox.jpg (151303 bytes)       A decorated shadow box using a rubberstamp image
pansy.jpg (104721 bytes)      Cut-out stamped images and raised on the card with foam tape        coin.jpg (113859 bytes)    Attached coin or charm along with specialty papers
special.jpg (2306 bytes)  Stencil art stars.jpg (101690 bytes)  Find a pretty ribbon and the card becomes a present!


1999-2001 by Kathy's Handmade Cards, except where noted.  All rights reserved.

More cards and ideas will be added in the future!   Please come again!

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