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Kathy's Gardening Journal


We are so lucky to have such wonderful, colorful, and healthy plants in our yard.  It hasn't always been beautiful -- take a look at the backyard when we moved in in January of 1997: before.jpg (145941 bytes)
The first step was to find out what was back there... Weed-wackers and chainsaws kept two strong men busy for eight long hours. cleaned.jpg (140629 bytes)  Where did that sidewalk come from?  We found two apricot trees, an apple tree, several rose bushes, and a japanese maple tree.
This is one of the apricot trees in bloom    apribloom.jpg (168341 bytes) The apple tree in bloom was beautiful!applebloom.jpg (139147 bytes)
Next project:  GRASS!  The little cement walkway had to be removed.

removal.jpg (170357 bytes)

Edging, irrigation, and lighting.  Finally --GRASS!

grass1.jpg (138974 bytes)    grass2.jpg (118107 bytes) The edging is allowing room for additional plants and a deck-extension project (maybe next year for the deck...)

Here is a lovely sign of springpinktulip.jpg (75027 bytes) Next to the apple tree, I planted a new rose bush ("Opening Night") and it is lovely!  Star jasmine are planted in the background.

redrose.jpg (189427 bytes)

palerose.jpg (63430 bytes) coralrose.jpg (98560 bytes) red.jpg (77938 bytes) We have several lovely roses in our backyard.  Each one was a wonderful surprise when it bloomed the first time.  Also had several lessons on aphids, rust, and powdery mildew... newtree.jpg (34252 bytes) As of December 1998, we welcome this new addition to our yard.  A "flowering pear" or Pyrus kawakamii.  Hopefully a nice shade tree for our front yard.

This is the flowering pear leaf.  pearleaf.jpg (20632 bytes)

There are lots of beautiful plants and flowers.   I love pansies in the winter and bulbs in the spring.  The garden is never-ending in beauty. Please come again for additional photos.

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